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HiContainments International Pvt Ltd is a Startup India recognized Biotech Company working exclusively for establishing, testing, commissioning and certification of high& maximum containment BSL3, BSL4 facilities globally only for Biotech Industry...and not for any others !

We design, construct, establish certifiable Bio-Containment facilities to the global standards at affordable prices. We have a team of knowhow experts to ensure& deliver safe containment facilities.

We are also into product design& development of innovate products, processes for Biotech& Animal Biomedical Research industries and we manufacturer them indigenously. 

Our team consists of Electromechanical Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Microbiologists, Veterinarians and expert consultants to understand biosafety requirements, construct and certify the facilities, products to complay CDC/NIH guidelines. 

We established on 1st  October 2018 and currently we have handful of orders and ongoing projects for establishing BSL3 facilities& Animal barrier facilities. Our ongoing projects are with superior ispecifications. This shows our expertise and credentials.

About Us

We are Turnkey Biocontainment Experts


  1. We are global experts for design& Construction of Containment facilities, Animal Facilities& Cleanrooms 
  2. We do HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Water Systems, Security Systems& Automation in a Turnkey project
  3. We take up Commissioning, Certification& Documentation with rich expertise on Biosafety, biosecurity
  4. We have highest eligibility in the country with proven track record
  5. We are specialized& focused one stop contracting company for Bio-Containments, Animal Research facilities& Cleanrooms from inception to Commissioning& Certification

  • Biocontainment (BSL4, BSL3Ag, BSL-3, BSL-2) Research Facilities
  • Animal Biocontainment Research Facilities (ABSL4, ABSL3, ABSL3Ag, ABSL2)
  • Large Scale Vaccine Manufacturing Biocontainment Facilities (BSL4, BSL3, BSL2)
  • Small& Large Animal Breeding, Experimentation; Barrier, Isolation Facilities
  • Research Labs | Microbiology, Virology, Bacteriology, Cell Culture, Eco Toxicology Labs
  • Sterile Cleanrooms | BIM 3D Modelling Services
  • Identified Pathogen free Facilities (known as SPF)
  • Eco-toxicology Facilities
  • Large Campus Master Planning

Important Ongoing Contracting Projects:


  1.  Injectable Polio Vaccine Facility with large scale Vaccine Containment
  2. FMD Vaccine Manufacturing Facility
  3. Small Animal Barrier Facility

We don't like Catwalk...We Love toughest projects which others Can't do !!!

 An expert having knowledge and sensitivity about Biosafety, Biosecurity and risk involved in handling pathogens only can understand, design, construct, validate and document Bio-containments with proper risk assessment.

High containment facilities need proper planning, detailed engineering, perfect installation, commissioning& certification. Together with you, we want to play a key role in nation building. Let us prevent outbreaks by providing Bio-containment facilities to handle exotic and dangerous organisms